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PSK and Other Fun

I’ve been playing around with PSK31. My PC is dead, so the trusty Mac G5 is doing all the work as usual, but unfortunately that means I can’t do WSPR transmissions which I have been looking forward to for some time.

I set up PSK31 with a really simple interface using one cable and the microphone, and has some great QSO‘s without any fancy setup. I have made a bit of a video of it, which I will post here soon. I then made up a a better interface using the 13 pin plug on the back of the Icom IC703 and have been exploring PSK on several bands over the last few days.

I’ve made some great contacts to Hawaii, Russia PNG and Cambodia to name a few. Here is a transcript from a recent PSK QSO with a lighthouse station UT2FF/A. Lighthouse UKR-036

VK4MDX d UT2FF/A lighthous UKR-Ø36) GE my friend RSQ: 599 599 qs qsb Name: Vlad Vlad QTH: Ochakov Ochakom loc: KN56SO KN56SO HW? BTU VK4MDX de Ul2FF/A pseGE Vlad
Name is David, David. QTH is Townsville, Townsville. FB Lighthouse. Loc QH3Øio Loc QH3Øio in north east of Australia. K

VK4MDX de .T2FF/A Good copy you Davtd from Townsvillee! Thank you for nice BPSK31 QSO Pse qsl via buro or direct, more info/foto http://www.qrz.com All the best wishes to you and your family! VKaoMDX de UT2FF/A sk

UT2FF/A UT2FF/A DE VK4MDX R QSL thanks, Yuo RSQ 599 599. I only run 1ØW so thanks for good report. FB Talk to you again soon sk sk

VK4MDX David! Thank you very much for ni e BPSK31 QSO Good Luck to You and Best oef DX, sk

I look forward to more PSK and other modes. Amateur radio is such a diverse and wonderful hobby. My next post will probably be the video showing how I first got on air with PSK. If you are a new standard call or new to PSK like me, you may find it of interest. Purists may be horrified hihi.

I also plan to post what I learned about antennas and feed lines and baluns from my experiences with the G5RV/ZS6BKW. I am a beginner, but I am learning new things all the time and as such I am happy to share my experiences, for comment by more experienced people, and to perhaps inspire other beginners in Amateur radio.


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