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January 24, 2012 Leave a comment

I left my SSTV setup running last night- I forgot to turn it off- and I received these images. First time I have received SSTV from so far. USA and Spain.

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SSTV and Web Cam Fun

With the addition of Ham Radio Deluxe and DM780, I can now feed SSTV images direct to my website. I set up a page from my ham radio pages at The SSTV page direct link is here.

Once I did that, I decided a live web cam feed when I am on air would be fun, so using the same EEPC as runs DM780 and HRD, I added a program called Tincam to feed live webcam images (when I want to) to my web site. The main page for this is at, the first image from this page then is copied to an image on my shack page kinda cool really.

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