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My First SOTA Activation VK4/NH-057 Mt Stuart

This morning 12 Sept 2014 at 4am I set off from my home to Mt Stuart, about a 1 hour drive despite it being just next door. I decided to do my first ever official SOTA activation, and the first one for this region. I chose an easily accessible summit close to Townsville for my fist activation. Access to Mt Stuart VK4/NH-057 is via road almost to the summit. Additional lower car parking is available. In the spirit of SOTA, I of course chose to access the activation zone on foot.

Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 1.29.11 pm

Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 1.30.35 pm

On arrival at the summit at 5 am I set up on a picnic table. I was carrying my pedestrian mobile setup, an Icom 703 in backpack. I dropped the backpack damaging the vertical antenna and the coax and the morse key :-(. Still I had a spare linked dipole. After several failed attempts to work CW, due to the damaged key, I finally could make the key work by holding it with one hand while working it with the other.

The linked dipole was not a success on 80m despite my antenna analyser showing it as resonant, I had cut it too short- why the analyser showed it resonant I do not know. I rebuilt the 80m section on return home and it is now the correct length.

10628374_10204902541550268_964075925307874559_n 10616056_10204902541870276_6787951543323597768_n IMG_0094

This was a good shakedown on an easy summit. I’d recommend this summit to anyone in the area as a good first summit to test your gear. I am now awaiting my 80 litre hiking pack to arrive today, so that I can activate South Pinnacle this weekend. if the pack fails to arrive, I will not be able to do it until next weekend so will do some more easy summits.

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  1. Dale McCarthy
    September 12, 2014 at 5:13 am

    Great to work you on your first SOTA activation. I have logged the contact on my QRZ.com log and also on my SOTA log.

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