My Third SOTA Activation- Castle Hill VK4/NH-136

I had planned to arrive at 5 am but I was pretty tired after my very late finish at Mt Marlow yesterday and the 16 kilometres I had walked. I managed to get to the summit of Castle HIll at about 630 am and was set up about 3 minutes later. Castle Hill is in … Continue reading “My Third SOTA Activation- Castle Hill VK4/NH-136”

My Second SOTA Activation- Mt Marlow VK4/NH-154

I thought Mt Marlow would be a really easy hike, but it turned out to be moderately difficult given my present lack of fitness. I started at the Pallareda at the beachside park and walked in to the start of the Many Peaks track. This track is 5.7km long. My return journey was down to … Continue reading “My Second SOTA Activation- Mt Marlow VK4/NH-154”

My First SOTA Activation VK4/NH-057 Mt Stuart

This morning 12 Sept 2014 at 4am I set off from my home to Mt Stuart, about a 1 hour drive despite it being just next door. I decided to do my first ever official SOTA activation, and the first one for this region. I chose an easily accessible summit close to Townsville for my … Continue reading “My First SOTA Activation VK4/NH-057 Mt Stuart”

SOTA Planning VK4/NH-027 South Pinnacle 13 and 14 Sept 2014

Date changed for 20/21 Travel plans 4WD to car park at -19.376507° 146.625356°. Depart Car park -19.376507° 146.625356° at 0800 Saturday 20 Sept (local). Allow 5 hours to get to South Pinnacle on foot via Fredrick Peak and Hidden Pinnacles. Camp just adjacent South Pinnacle. Weather may be an issue and may have to move … Continue reading “SOTA Planning VK4/NH-027 South Pinnacle 13 and 14 Sept 2014”

SOTA Planned Activation Mt Stuart VK4/NH-057 28 September 2014

will be activating some one point summits at times to correspond with local nets, hopefully I can score RST from 4 of you at least and return the favour without disrupting the net. Plans (local time) Friday 0500 to 0700 CW and SSB from Mt Stuart Saturday 0500 to 0700 CW and SSB from Castle … Continue reading “SOTA Planned Activation Mt Stuart VK4/NH-057 28 September 2014”

Preparing for My First SOTA Expedition

Back in 2008, when I got my foundation call- VK4FOLO- I purchased an Icom IC703 because, even then I had ideas about working backpack mobile and QRP.   The 703 came with a backpack, as a special offer. I wanted to purchase the ICOM backpack antenna then as well, but figured I could do that … Continue reading “Preparing for My First SOTA Expedition”

My Nested Marconi- Ugly but Effective Multi-band Antenna

Back in 2013 I suffered a massive financial loss. I ended up homeless after running a successful business and owning two properties, one on acreage, where I could have pretty much any antennas I wanted. Despite all that room, my partner was keen that i didn’t cover the whole yard in antennas, so apart from … Continue reading “My Nested Marconi- Ugly but Effective Multi-band Antenna”