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Of Slinky Springs, Apartment HF and ALARA

The weekend just gone, I wanted to participate in the ALARA (Australian Ladies Amateur Radio Association) contest. I knew that with my poor antenna I was not going to make many contacts, so I set about building the optimum multi band apartment antenna.


I gathered together slinky toys, some chord and a few bits and pieces. A local ham sold me a short length of 300 ohm ladder line with which to feed the antenna and using a few bits an pieces, I assembled a 1:1 current balun to allow my unbalanced tuner (a Z11 Pro) to connect to the 300 ohm line. with this antenna I intended to overcome all of my antennas woes of the last few weeks.

With the antenna analyser I got the dipole resonant on 80 m and the tuner then allowed me to get a match on all bands including the WARC bands.

Unfortunately  the construction of my balcony with its aluminium framing makes the antenna deaf. A full 4 S points down on the tiny mobile whip. I am confident the antenna will perform well once I get it away from the building structure. I move out of this apartment in November and will be looking for a place more suited to antennas.

I will post more about the construction of the slinky dipole in a later post.

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  1. Dennis
    August 29, 2016 at 10:49 am

    Kimberly, what about a loop, i wonder I think there marginal better than vertical but may be problem for 80 meters, shoot a long wire across to the top of another building

    • vk2kmi
      August 29, 2016 at 10:58 am

      Tried loop, tried dipoles, tried slinky dipoles tried the mobile whip. Antennas are not permitted so I am lucky to not get caught with the mobile multitap whip. The only reason the whip works better than any others is it can get away from the building. I lean it over the balcony on a pool cleaner handle at 45 degrees and it can hear. On the balcony or inside it cannot hear, just like the others that I cannot put outside due to size. Would never ever be allowed a wire across the courtyard even if it were possible to get to the other building. Building is secure. My swipe takes me to my floor, the carpark and the ground floor, nowhere else in this building and certainly nowhere else in the adjacent section of the building. The answer is to move to a better location with a more open balcony or to a small house

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