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Taming the Monster

Recently I fabricated a large mag loop 80m Apartment HF- The Monster in My Bedroom– now it is time to tune it, to tame the monster so to speak. I decided to feed the loop using a twisted gamma match because this seemed the easiest to make with the materials I have. I live in an apartment and all of my workshop tools etc are in storage two thousand kilometres away.


The twisted gamma match is proving more difficult than I thought but I am getting close to figuring it out. I am using a length of RG213 coaxial cable as the capacitor, with two printed circuit boards as the trimmer capacitor. The antenna in it’s present configuration is resonant at 3.55 MHz with the trimmer set to highest capacitance so it looks like I have to add more capacitance- a longer piece of coaxial cable. The cardboard between the two plates in the image above slightly increased capacitance.



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