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AM and CW on ANZAC Day- Make some Contacts on 25 April 2015 using WWII modes.

This year is the 100th anniversary of the landing at Gallipoli, the disastrous WWI campaign, that saw the Aussies and Kiwis in particular -the Australian New Zealand Army Corps- (ANZAC), distinguish themselves in battle and in retreat. The battlefields of WWI, happening at the time they did, when our nation was brand new, helped build a mythology, that has forged a nation of doers.These soldiers are honoured to this day in Belgium and France.. Again in World War II, Australia and New Zealand contributed disproportionately large numbers of men, to fight in North Africa, Europe and the Pacific.  Radio equipment and methods pioneered by ham radio operators provided our countries and the US with a ready source of radios, antennas, operators and methods of operating. To honour our veterans,Mike VK4MIK and others, some years ago, proposed that all amateur radio transmission from Australia on ANZAC day be in the modes employed by our veterans during WWII- those being AM and CW. This simply requires all nets that normally operate say on SSB to switch to AM or CW if that is possible. Those already on AM and CW can of course continue in those modes.

All VK stations are permitted to use the AX prefix in place of the VK prefix on ANZAC day, and this year, the 100th anniversary, they may use the prefix for 48 hours 25 April – 26 April (local time). All stations using this prefix are encouraged to send QSL cards using this prefix. This provides a great opportunity for DX stations to collect some unusual call signs and cards.

I have a few minor modifications to do to my station prior to ANZAC Day and then will be operating it portable on the weekend prior, to test it. I don’t have WWII radio equipment, but I do have vintage boat anchor equipment that operates in much the same way as WWII equipment and is very reminiscent of the equipment used by our WWII veterans.

My station will be

Hammarlund HQ170 receiver

Johnson Viking Ranger II transmitter

9m squid pole antenna with 80m coil, or ZS6BKW random length dipole antenna.

I’ll have a 3m x 3m marquee and some exhibition banners with explanation of the event, the TARC and the equipment.

I hope to have a QSK relay T/R setup, and an issue with noisy VFO sorted by then.

Transmission times will depend on not interfering with the ANZAC ceremonies. If I am far enough away from the action, I will try to operate as follows.

April 25

1900 utc 3599 Gnarly Net CW

2030 utc 3600 AM

2100 utc 40m AM

2130 utc 40m CW

2300 utc15m and 10m CW

2400 utc 10m CW

0100 utc 15m AM

0130 utc 15m CW

Break Skype me

0400 utc 15m CW

0500 utc 20m AM

0530 utc 20m CW

0600 utc 20m AM

0630 utc 7120kHz AM Friendly Afternoon Net

0700 utc 40m CW

0730 utc 80m AM

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  1. February 26, 2015 at 9:16 pm

    What a wonderful way to commemorate the sacrifice of our beloved troops.

    I know the bands will be crowded on that weekend however, do you have a plan of the frequencies you may use. Would like to know.

    Hope to catch up with you on the air again soon.

    73, Garry VK2GAZ

    • David vk4mdx
      February 27, 2015 at 10:14 am

      Frequencies are in the post

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