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StepIR Project Continues

Some time ago I purchased a used 3 element StepIR antenna, but had no suitable mast on which to mount it. I put it together as a test run on a short pole with a rotator, just to do some testing and then set about planning to get a mast and to do all of the work required to get the antenna in the air and working.

My plans included

– a tilt over free-standing 10 metre mast

– 30/40 metre element for the StepIR.

– additional 6 metre element.

– adding 2 meter and 70 cm LFA yagis to the mast above the StepIR

– making a device to slide up and down the mast to allow easy lowering of the antenna for high winds.


Today I began cleaning the antenna and working on getting it repainted to protect the fibreglass. It has been painted green by the previous owner but the paint job was not in very good condition. I then started doing some planning to build the device to raise and lower the antenna, when I decided to check, for the first time, the loading that would be on the rotator. Unfortunately the StepIR alone exceeded the K factor of the rotator, so looks like I will need another rotator, and a big one at that.

Since the rotator will severely stretch the budget, I have had to postpone the extra elements (30/40 and 6m). Since the antenna is taking up lots of room on its temporary test mast, I will disassemble it again which will allow me to do a better job painting it anyway. I’ll then put it back in storage for  a while.

The raising and lowering mechanism for rotator in a frame and the heavy antennas is simply too difficult an engineering task for me, so I have decided to not do that.

I will post updates as I work through this project.





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