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Ham Radio and World-Wide Friendships

One of the things I originally liked about ham radio prior to the internet age was the possibility of making friendships all over the world. I must say I have found to a great extent that this element seems to have disappeared. I’ve found the interactions with many hams on air to be more about the contact and report “599 73” is about as talkative as they get. In the internet age, the interaction with hams on Facebook has been mostly good but sometimes abysmal, and the other day in a local electronics store while shopping for some specialised cable I told the very gregarious salesman it was for a high tech antenna- his comment

“Oh you’re a ham?”

“Yes,” I said.

“But you’re so easy going and polite” he replied.

Wow! is this the image we present to the rest of the community? If so time for a rethink!

Anyway I digress. Since learning CW I’ve been amazed at the friendships I have made on air, and the long chats that we have. I’m especially enjoying the chats I have with Joe HL5KY. Joe’s QRZ page says the following-

I developed an interest in Amateur Radio after reading a comic when I was 10 or 11 years old. The story was about a young boy talking on the radio to far away places and making good friendship through the radio.

It took a couple of years until I got my first license in 1976 as HM5KY and it was changed to HL5KY in 1981 as HM was given to North Korea. I also had a chance to take FCC license exam in Korea back in 1992. Taking 5 different written and 3 different morse tests in one day, I got AB6KT in 1992 and had it changed to a vanity call, N2KYin 1997.

Among many aspects of Ham Radio, my main interest has always been having nice conversation and developing good friendship with people all around world.

I share my interest with my xyl, Yuni HL5BTF who had already been an active Ham even before we met. Only daughter, Jenny also got her ticket as 6K5CDJ in 2008.

After about 10 year absence from Amateur Radio, I came back to this great hobby September 2011 with an Internet remote station. The radio and antennas are about 10kms away from where I live. I only have a front panel of TS-480SAT on my desk.”

Thanks Joe for the opportunity to chat with you most nights via morse code.

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