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FT101E CW Offset Problem and Lack of ALC Indication.

The FT101E has recently developed an issue whereby the ALC meter does not dip on voice peaks as it should with this radio. At the same time I began using the FT101E on CW and though I am careful to zero beat the stations, I am always 200Hz high. I began searching for solutions, and asking others and this is what I have found so far that may be useful.

The two problems could possibly be related and be due to dirty contacts in the Tx/Rx relay.

I received this reply regarding the ALC. …

check that the metering circuit is working you could rig up a 9V battery and a potentiometer (say 10k) to provide a variable output voltage and connect it into the ALC circuitry. Make sure you get the polarity correct, so that you have negative volts going into the ALC circuitry and adjust between 0V and -1.5V and see if you get any deflection on the meter when the meter switch is in the ALC position. A possible problem could be with dirty contacts on the main relay such that any ALC reading is not getting through to the meter.


and today I found this regarding Cw offset….

I had a 101E many years ago. It an TX offset problem that was very 
elusive. Stations would not come back to me when I was zero beat with 
the last Q (or so I thought). The problem was finally traced to a dirty 
contact in the T/R relay.

Now to find out how to clean the relay.


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  1. Chris
    November 27, 2016 at 7:55 pm


    alc only shows with processor off

  2. vk2kmi
    November 27, 2016 at 7:56 pm

    Processor is ALWAYS off

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