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Getting the 3 element StepIR working- Joy and Frustation

Almost two years ago now I purchased a used 3 element StepIR antenna. It has been in storage ever since, awaiting a mast to which I could attach it. I finally obtained the mast and decided I should check that the StepIR was working correctly, and that all parts were available and functioning, I began first of all my setting up a test rig with  a short section of tubing that will eventually be attached to the top of the mast so that I could access the antenna using a step ladder. I first set up the short mast with the rotator and tested the functioning of the rotator which had also been in storage for 2 years. I then attached the boom of the StepIR and tested the rotator again. I then set about fitting each of the elements, and finally wiring up the control cable. Unfortunately I have a habit of leaving things in my ham shack where my wife decides they should not be, and she then moves them to places unknown. So it came to be that the power supply for the StepIR controller went missing. No problem, I’ll buy another with my wife’s money and she will have to put up with the antenna being in the middle of the back yard, just above head height for some weeks while I wait for it to arrive.

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