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Remote Operation of My Shack via My iPad

Today I set up the means to operate my shack remotely from my iPad and I am very happy with the results. The setup uses Ham Radio Deluxe to interface with the rig via a desktop computer and audio is provided by Skype between iPad and desktop. The desktop supplies the Skype audio to the radio via a Signalink USB soundcard interface. Additionally Skype allows a video view of my Z-11 Pro Auto Tuner just to be sure the tuning is OK before I transmit.

I took video of it tonight but the lighting and audio of my commentary are not good, so I’ll reshoot tomorrow morning and post as an addition to this post.

Summary of Equipment

iPad Mini running Skype and Team Viewer(remote login software)

Desktop running HRD6, Skype and Team Viewer. The desktop has a USB webcam showing view of Auto tuner in Skype.

Radio- Icom IC706MKIIG with Signalink USB audio interface and RT Systems CI-V cable for rig control via HRD 6.  Using Z-11 Auto tuner and ZS6BKW antenna.

I’ve set this up to allow me to operate my shack from the Northern Territory while I am on the World Solar Challenge because I won’t be able to take a radio with me. In the meantime I am looking forward to using it here at home sometimes as well. My shack gets quite hot in the afternoon when I am on the 40m Friendly afternoon Net. I am looking forward to sitting on the back verandah in the shade with a cold beer while operating my radio.


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