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Getting the FT101 Rx and Tx Frequencies Matched Up

This post is a follow on to my previous post about restoring a Yaesu FT101. https://vk2kmi.wordpress.com/2013/08/28/a-touch-of-nostalgia-got-myself-a-yaesu-ft101/

I tested the FT101 first on my local friendly afternoon net on 40m and had plenty of comments about being off frequency. Initially I thought it was probably due to me being unfamiliar with the operation of tube rigs. After some testing I decided to check Tx versus Rx and used the following procedure available from http://www.k3jls.net/FT-101.html#higher

q) Transmit and Receive Tracking Adjustments

There are at least 3 ways to accomplish this:

1) If you have another SSB transceiver, connect a dummy load to it, send an SSB signal and tune your FT-101 until the voice sounds ‘natural’. Place the dummy load on the FT-101, operate PTT and talk into the mike, listening with the other radio. Adjust the ZERO trimmer on the regulator board until your voice sounds natural.

Note: If the ZERO trimmer runs to one extreme or the other WITHOUT producing a ‘right on’ signal, then perform the CLARIFIER ADJUSTMENT as described in the service manual, and repeat..

2) All you need is an inexpensive HF SSB receiver.  Pick a band and place your receiver next to the FT-101, and set it to either LSB / USB. Tune your monitor receiver between 8700 and 9200 kHz and listen for the VFO beat tone. Set the receiver fine tuning to give you a tone you find pleasing to your ear. Press the PTT switch and listen to the tone. You will most likely hear a shift. Set the “zero” pot on the regulator board to eliminate the tone difference. You can do this adjustment to get the difference down to about 5 Hz; or whatever your ear can detect. It’s simple, and it works. – from W4CLM / K6WWH.

3) Connect an accurate digital voltmeter to the CLARI input to the VFO. Place the radio in the LSB /USB receive mode and note the voltage. Depress PTT, wait a second or two and then while holding PTT, adjust the ZERO trimmer until the voltage EXACTLY matches the receive mode voltage. Repeat several times to ensure that you hit the ‘sweet spot’. If this doesn’t work properly, you may have to perform the CLARIFIER ADJUSTMENT and then repeat.

I figure the clarifier adjustment was probably not fiddled with as this rig was always owned by a ham since new.

I believe I have the Tx and Rx pretty close now. I’ll test on the Gnarly Net.

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