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A Touch of Nostalgia- Got Myself a Yaesu FT101

In 1977, I fell in love with the ham station belonging to a friend’s father. it was a nearly complete FT101 station. I swore then that one day I would own one. That day has finally arrived. Of course the Mk1 (early) FT101 is now over 40 years old. I got this rig for a bargain price, and it works! Cosmetically it needs some work, and I have already begun sourcing bits and pieces to dress it up and bring it back to near new. It does have a few problems, other than the cosmetic ones but so far a tap here and there brings it back to life. I will source a new relay and do some cleaning to bring it back to a more reliable state. I’ve connected it to my 42 ft vertical as it is the closest to 50 ohms and presently the most reliable. I have not been on air for some time, and consequently my antennas need some TLC.

I will post updates as I restore this beauty. Right now I am using it on the Friendly Afternoon Net on 7115 kHz. It apparently sounds a little rough, so I have some work to do.


For an extra touch of nostalgia, I have obtained an Astatic D104 microphone just like the one in this pic.


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