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Kelso 40m and 2m APRS Running Again

Now that I am back home and sorted most things radio, I’ve been able to dedicate some time to getting the APRS iGate running again. It operates on 2 metres and 40 meters. The choice of 40m HF is so that standard calls (like me) can have an HF APRS option. HF APRS works great for remote travel. 40m frequency is 7036.5 kHz. You can learn more about APRS in Australia at http://www.aprs.net.au

My APRS iGate Digipeater uses the following

– Kenwood TM201A on 145.175 MHz
– home made J pole antenna
TinyTrack v4 as standalone Digipeater connected via serial cable and
Belkin USB serial adapter to
Asus eeepc, running
AGPE Packet Engine

– Icom IC703 on 7036.50 kHz connected via
SignaLinkUSB external soundcard, interfaced to
– Asus eeepc, running
– AGPE Packet Engine
– AGWTracker
– 80m Vertical loop or ZS6BKW antenna depending on other uses.

The TinyTrack4 on VHF works as a standalone digipeater, which means it does not need to be connected to a computer. It simply retransmits any received signals via the radio it received them on (after a short delay). When connected to a computer via the serial cable, the received decoded data can be gated to the internet as well- as it is now.

On HF, AGWPE configures the SignalinkUSB soundcard as a TNC, porting the received sound/data to and from the computer. AGWUIDigi allows cross port retransmit so that received HF signals are retransmitted on VHF. This means that if my internet connection is down, chances are the retransmitted signal will be received by a local VHF iGate and gated to the net.

AGWTracker displays the received signals on to digital maps on my computer screen.

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