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Catching Up on Maintenance Part 1

I’ve been away traveling for some time, and as usually happens, some things are bound to fall in to disarray during that time. I came home to find both of my ZS6BKW antennas unserviceable, and decided that meant it was a good time to make some changes. The Bushcomm traveling wave antenna had been damaged prior to my departure, and will need a cherry picker for access

At my QTH, the wire antennas run between trees, because I have no other means to support them at present. The feed lines come down to the same rear corner of the house. They look a bit untidy, and I’d love to be able to move the antennas, but that will have to wait until I can erect some towers. 

I’ve had a few antenna projects on-the-go before I left, and those will be progressed along as well.

These include

– Feedline changes for 80m delta loop/

– Finish the trapped vertical (not a ham job- for my business comms)

– repair bushcomm antenna

– erect the tower for the 3 element StepIR


This is all a bit more complicated because I already have a small tower for the StepIR, which will have to be relocated eventually as soon as I can afford to put in the new foundations.

The first thing to tackle will be the wire antennas




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