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80m Vertical Loop Modelling on Other Bands

When you build an antenna like this one, even on a 1 acre lot, you have very little choice regarding which way to face the antenna. In my case, the only available space was along the longest boundary, so the directivity is whatever I got from that placement.

In a previous post, I modelled the antenna on 80m -the band for which it was designed. Here I model it for other bands.

40m summary

On 40m we have the main lobe at a very high elevation angle 54 degrees, but a substantial lobe at 24 degrees. The fours main lobes are at 45 degree angles to the axis of the antenna giving best propagation to the north and east, and almost as effective propagation to the south and west.

20m summary

On 20m we have NVIS (max gain at 58 degrees elevation). Although there is still a fairly large lobe between 15 to 35 degrees. The radiation is mostly broadside-ish at about 45 degrees -in other words to the north and east with smaller lobes to the west and south.

On 15m we have multiple lobes with the best directivity broadside to the north east and south west. Best gain is at 16 degrees elevation with multiple lobes at higher elevation angles.

10m summary

On 10m the pattern is very similar to 15m except the best gain is at a very low 9 degrees elevation to the north east.

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