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Some Jobs done today

Icom IC706MkIIG removed from the Nissan and replace in the shack.
Barrett 950 packed up to send to Barrett for repair.
ZS6BKW No 1 Antenna (random length dipole) rehung took three goes with the slingshot, a few tangles and some swearing.
ZS6BKW No 2 Antenna down for repair
Bushcomm Travelling wave antenna transferred over to HF APRS for now.
Icom IC703 reconnected to iMac for APRS duties (HF 40m)- so VK4MDX-4 back in to full APRS service on VHF and HF.
Old PC Hard drive dead- attempted recovery failed.
Latest build of Ham Radio Deluxe (HRD) installed on eeePC.
HRD Log updated from backup file.
Logbook of the World tQSL digital certificate replacement requested from ARRL- great friendly reply- certificate should not be too far away.
New iMac keyboard purchased and attached to eeePC- now all my keyboards “feel” the same.

Categories: APRS, Daily News, HF
  1. olsenstours
    January 11, 2012 at 10:00 pm

    tQSL digital certificate arrived to day but would not install properly

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