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Restarting with a Shack Reorganisation

I’ve finally got the desire to get things going here in the shack again, and started with a thorough reorganising. I’ve split the business half of my office from the radio half, with all the radio stuff on the northern side, and the business stuff on the southern side. I put the Mac computers on the business side, even though one of them runs APRS as well as my business booking system- both Windows programs running on a VM on the iMac.

I fired up the old PC which runs Ham Radio Deluxe, only to have it spit the dummy and refuse to boot. It has a new motherboard, and I did a CMOS reset, but still no go, so we will have to get more technical tomorrow. I think the first job will be to get the data off the hard drive and onto another machine. The main big loss is my HRD logbook (which I have backed up, and my Log Book of the World tQSL Certificate. I cannot find a backup of the LOTW Certificate so that will take some time to get reissued, if I can’t get it off  the old hard drive. I am using my eeePC for now.

Now to get the 706MkIIG back in the shack, and get the wire antennas back up in the trees.

radio desk

Business desk

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