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Update on VK4MDX Activity

I’ve not been on the air at all for some months. I have not  done any amateur radio activity at all. For much of the last few years I’ve suffered from clinical depression, and at present this is not assisted by a very nasty legal battle with the North Queensland Soaring Centre. I’ve had zero assistance from the Gliding Federation of Australia who contributed to the situation because of mismanagement of the issues.

Apart from fighting that battle, I have my 47 year old vintage sailplane inadequately protected from the North Queensland wet season with parts of it on the open trailer and other parts only partly covered in the small backyard shed- not good for an airplane made of wood. So my priority at present is to get the maintenance completed on the sailplane so that I can get it housed in a hangar at Dululu some 9 hours drive from here.

Once I’ve done that, I’ll attempt to get back into radio. My 706MKIIG is in the car and not working at all. My Barrett 950 is not transmitting. The antenna for the 703 running HF APRS is currently on the ground, as is the antenna for the 706.

For the men out there who wish to know about depression- Men are less likely to show more “typical” signs of depression such as sadness. Depression in men may cause them to keep their feelings hidden. Instead of expressing a depressed mood, they may seem more irritable and aggressive.

For these reasons, many men — as well as doctors and other health care professionals — may fail to recognize the problem as depression. For more information, go here http://www.beyondblue.org.au/index.aspx?link_id=1.7#Men

To see progress with my sailplane, go to Our Octagonal World


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