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Of Antennae and 4WD’s- Part 1

With only a few weeks to go before I head off bush again, it is usual for me to be checking radios and antennas on the 4WD to ensure they are all working. This year is a little different, because I’ve been really slack for the last 10 months, and none of them are working the way they should.

I have a list of issues to work through-

– The Barrett 950 needs to be reprogrammed. The previous programmer got some ham frequency/mode combinations wrong. plus I want to program the nets I use into preset channels.

– New Barrett 550, Justine’s new base radio needs programming.

– Both TX4400 UHF radios in the Nissan are not performing well, due to either antenna or coax issues.

– The Terlin Stealth Plus–  80m to 2m whip-  was mounted on a heavy duty base using an adapter I had turned up, and it is too long, contributing to tuning problems on 80m. I used the antenna analyser to find the best compromise tuning for 40m APRS and 80m voice today, but I think I will change the base to the correct one for that antenna.

– The Barrett 910  autotune won’t tune below 7 MHz, due to what I suspect is a coax feedline issue.

Today I inspected the AE4705 UHF antenna mounted on the bullbar to see if all was intact inside, and it seems to be OK. I tested the feedline, and it is a bit suss so we’ll take a closer look at that. Also the co-phased UHF antennas on the roof rack seem to be fed with a coax that has a dead short braid to centre.

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