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Of Antennae and Trees – Part 1

Cyclone Yasi made a real mess of my antenna situation, as many of you who follow this blog will know. Today I set about fixing the mess. I hired a cherry picker – (why are they named that? Surely the person in them picks the cherries)- to allow access to those out of the way high places that are scary from an elevated work platform!

The only remaining wire antenna ZS6BKw No2 was a little tangled in the Bloodwood tree and had to be cleared- which turned out to be a 3 hour job with the cherry picker, and while I was up there, I removed a few straggly branches. ZS6BKW No 1. was retrieved to be re-elevated. I then moved to the main tower and attended to the bent and disfugured 2 meter J-Pole beam used for APRS and repeater access. I took it down and attended to it on the ground before restoring it to a single element vertical and  re-elevating it.

Reluctant chainsaws and troubles with the hired cherry picker mean I now have just one HF antenna in the air, the Bushcomm traveling wave antenna. So I’ll have to use the Codan 8528 for this morning’s Gnarly Net.

The Bushcomm is pretty deaf compared to my ZS6BKW.

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