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Too Old to Be a Geek!

Work is coming in thick and fast now, but  has been very slow for a while, so I’ve been keeping myself busy with projects. My projects vary from landscaping and gardening, to fitting out vehicles, to mechanical modifications to you name it. I’ve also been a  bit handy with computers since about 1979, but now I think, I am too old to be a geek!

During these quiet times, I started out creating the North Queensland Soaring Club Website, while maintaining my own, plus working on this blog, my home blog, my business blog, my facebook sites 1,2,3 and my weather station site. Then I got interested in Regional Atmospheric Soaring Predictions (RASP) which I am still working on and is easily the most difficult thing I have ever attempted. Looking for a distraction from RASP I created a glider tracking and Ops normal reporting system using SPOT messenger and our club web site.

Buoyed by this I attempted an update to my weather reporting, that tells of significant events like increasing or heavy rain, high winds etc, and reports those to my computer screen, then sends them to Twitter so they are sent to email and SMS. That went OK but still needs some refinement.

Messages from that look like this

All good stuff- until I attempted to reconfigure my mobile HF APRS (Automated Packet Radio System) or (Automated Position Reporting System). This uses a little device called a TinyTrak4. The TT4 comes from a fellow called Byon who runs Byonics.com. Now the TT4 is not the easiest thing to configure and get working on HF, but damn did Byon have to go and make about 5 different versions of the firmware, each with its own configuration system. I spent hours cursing and swearing at the little blue box and its maker. I did discover I had shorted a terminal attempting a modification so to be fair to Byon, I was at fault, but the solution was no easier to find due to all the firmware changes.

I’ve concluded, I liked the old days when a car manufacturer put the same engine in a range of models for 20 years. I want that stability back again. I want technology to slow down, I am too old to be a geek!

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