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Wet Season Balun Woes

When I first got my F call, I built a G5RV antenna which I eventually modified to ZS6BKW. I learned a great deal along the way including the importance of having a 1:1 Current Balun on the connection between coax and open wire feed line for this antenna. I made the balun to fit inside a metal box because I wanted the best RF shielding I could get. Over some time corrosion and wear and tear meant I had to replace the balun. When I built the new balun I decided to do a much neater job with the terminal posts for the 450 ohm ladder line. Unfortunately the best laid plans oft go awry. It turns out the new terminals short to the metal case when there is a great deal of rain. So today I spent quite a bit of time trying to build better insulation into the terminations.

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