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The Problem with Antennas in Trees

I have my main HF antenna running across the yard between two giant trees. Both trees are 20m high, both are box, one a bloodwood and the other an iron bark. Now if they were gums rather than box, I probably wouldn’t have as much trouble with antennas falling to the ground. You see Australian Eucalypts come with various types of bark, – gums are mostly smooth whereas box are rough. The iron bark has a very rough bark.

While trees provide a great, inexpensive way to get antennas in the air, and they are very neighbor friendly, they have a downside. It takes a great deal of effort to get the antenna up there in the first place, and while nowhere near as expensive as a tower or two, it still can be a challenge. I use a high powered slingshot, a number 6 sinker (about 12mm diameter) and 15lb fishing line. I shoot the sinker, often MANY times over the tree, mostly without getting the sinker or most of the fishing line back, until eventually I get the sinker and line to the ground. I then attach 6mm silver rope to the line and pull the antenna up. I now use either 3 mm mower starter chord or 300lb fishing line as these seems to resist the abrasion of the tree bark.

With the very high winds here at present, the antenna came down today so I spent all afternoon trying to get it back up- it was not easy with 30 kph winds.

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