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30 Year Old Quad Reborn Part 3??

Some time ago I reported here and here about the rebirth of my 30 year old quad antenna.  I almost had the reconstruction complete when I decided that the dowels I had used as spreaders were not suitable- I felt that they would sag and look horrible, which turned out to be correct. I purchased 4 only 5m telescopic fibreglass poles as a test run, and mounted those on one of the hubs as a test run. They look great and will be much more suitable. So pleased with the appearance of them I set to mounting them properly and wiring up some driven elements.

I used 30mm dowels 600 mm long to mate the poles with the hub. Half of the dowel is inside the fibreglass pole and half outside. I screwed the fibreglass pole to the dowel and mounted the assemblies onto the hub using stainless hose clamps.  To stop the poles telescoping back, I used stainless hose clamps to clamp down on them. I mounted the wires using cable ties and self-amalgamating tape.


4 poles attached to hub


The unique method of having 2 sets of spiders on one hub came about because in it’s first life on 11m we wanted to keep the boom short. As it turns out, with multiple bands the spacing gets further apart as the quad loops get longer by just the correct ratio. By having just two elements on 20m, I can have multiple bands-  4 elements on 10m. 3 elements on 15m and 2 elements on 20m. Once I can afford to order all the fibreglass poles, I’ll finish it and attempt to get it in the air.


One of the 30 year old hubs



Dowels inserted into poles and anchored to hub



Clamps to stop collapse of telescopic sections



Driven elements attached.



Insulators wrapped at feed points



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