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Storm Season and The Importance of Lightning Protection

As we head into the storm season, we all need to take some precautions with respect to lightning protection for our increasingly electronic homes.

Read this post from the US

Lightning-induced EMP is very much the culprit in these losses. I had had it happen to a minor degree on several occasions in the past when nearby lightning strikes blew the ethernet ports in two of my computers. I put surge protectors on them thinking this would solve the problem once and for all. In addition, most of my electronics and all of the computers are on surge-protection battery backup systems, and the house is “protected” at the electrical service entry point by a whole-house surge protector.

However, recently we were awakened by an early morning thunderstorm that came right over the house. I knew we were in deep kimshaw when I saw the flash and heard the thunder at the same time. Sure enough, lightning had hit a large tree directly behind the house. The good news was that it hit the tree and not the house. The bad news is that I have been spending the past month replacing most of the electronics in the house.

Verizon had to replace ALL of its FiOS equipment in the house including the ONT, router, and three HD DVRs. Luckily the insurance company will not have to pay for that as the equipment is rented from Verizon.

But in addition the strike damaged the USB ports and the ethernet port on my Mac Pro despite the presence of a Tripp Lite surge protector specifically designed to protect the ethernet port from this sort of event. I also lost two TVs, two DVD players, my Yamaha AV receiver (now turns itself off one second after it’s turned on–output load protection circuit must be damaged), the home’s security system (no longer manufactured and must be replaced in its entirety) the HDMI inputs on the home theater projector, an ethernet hub, two USB 7-port hubs, a TV tuner and a flatbed scanner for the Mac, the Wii console, one of the exterior security cameras (the one nearest the lightning strike), several X-10 lamp control modules, and the entire whole-house infrared remote control repeater system–every target in every room was zapped. Not to mention that the tree it hit was split wide open and will probably have to come down…….. if another lightning strike occurs near the house tomorrow I will probably be going through this process all over again.

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