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QSL Cards – What To Do?

Since I got my amateur radio license I have been a bit slack about sending and receiving QSL cards. Now that I am seeking a few awards, I am going through my log and sending and requesting QSL cards for verification.

My primary log is on the iMac G5 computer using MacLogger DX – a fantastic program. I also utilise Ham Radio Deluxe, copying my log between the two each day.  I export the ADIF file from HRD to eQSL.cc and to HRDLog.net so I have copies of my log online as further backup. I can of course use eQSL to send and receive QSL cards. eQSL even has the facility to print the eQSLs with “handwritten?” comments supposedly being suitable for award claims such as DXCC– we will see.

MacLogger DX has a fantastic QSL interface that allows me to print email or save my electronically generated QSL cards.  I save these to a folder on my Mac and then transfer them to a 1G CF card. I take this CF card to Harvey Norman where I use the digital photo printing facility to print full gloss 6×4 inch photos as cards for $0.09 per card.

David VK4MDX


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  1. olsenstours
    October 6, 2010 at 3:07 am

    Well, I went to pick the cards up today and had the WORST experience. Never in my life have I encountered such rude and arrogant staff as I encountered at the Harvey Norman Domain (Townsville) photo lab. My recommendation is to go elsewhere. I did. I told them to jam their photos.

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