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My Advice- Don’t Ever Leave Home

After 4 months of traveling I am always amazed at the endless stream of jobs that have to be done.

Since this is a ham radio blog, I’ll just mention the jobs associated with that area.

When I returned home I immediately found the following

-The Bushcomm traveling wave antenna- one end had become detached so the antenna was on the ground. Lost of work required involving a ladder!

– The ZS6BKW antenna- one of the rope attachments in the tallest tree had broken leaving the antenna on the ground and over the Bushcomm. Lots of work required involving a slingshot, fishing line and rope!

– In the shack, the gel cell used for wet season emergency power supply for the IC703 had perforated while on charge. New battery required

– The 703 microphone decided it is time to fail!

– The balun on the ZSBKW had a short across the terminals where the ladder line attaches. A job requiring new terminals and insulators etc etc.

– The weather station which had failed prior to departure was  still not working because the repait shop did not follow my instructions therefore the weather station was off-line for 4 months!! No updates to the net.

And then there were the jobs for

Our Octagonal World

Our Business Olsen’s 4WD Tours and Training

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