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52 MHz 5 element Yagi based on YU7EF

I finally got around to constructing a 5 element yagi for 6 meters. As a VK standard call, I am restricted to 52MHz – 54 MHz.

No antenna designs I could find were optimised for 52 MHz, and many operators complain thy cannot use their yagi at 52 MHz. After looking at many different designs, my choice finally came down to that which suited the materials that I had, particularly the 12 mm tubing. The tubing diameter makes quite a bit of difference to the design. Only one of the designs I examined suited 12 mm tubing without some redesigning. I would have loved to make a long yagi, but the 6 element design required a boom about 400 mm longer than my materials, so I settled for the 5 element with a boom length of 4 metres.

The final design was-
Spacings RE 0
DE 1.012
D1 1.315
D2 2.486
D3 3.999

Element Lengths
RE 2.850
DE 2.833
D1 2.661
D2 2.600
D3 2.489
Boom 32 mm x 32 mm square section.

If you use these measurements, elements must be insulated from the boom. I haven’t modeled this, but feed impedance should be 50 ohm.

My finished yagi with reflector on the ground pointing at the sky leaning on a tree had SWR of 1.3:1.

I hope more standard calls will make this antenna.


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