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Ever Increasing Sunspot Activity

Solar Cycle 24 could hold some surprises yet.

Sunspot activity is on the increase.

December 30 forecast from the U.S. Air Force predicts a solar flux value of 79 from December 31 to January 3, 80 for January 4-9, and 85 for January 10-18. They also predict a steady and stable planetary A index of five through February 13. Geophysical Institute Prague predicts quiet for the first week of January. You can get an update on the Air Force/NOAA prediction after 2100 UTC at, http://www.swpc.noaa.gov/ftpmenu/forecasts/45DF.html. Since December 26 we’ve been blessed with new sunspot group 1039, which is now just past the zero degree meridian, referenced to Earth. This is the spot in the center of the solar image. This is the sixth new sunspot group to emerge in December. After today we will know the three-month moving daily sunspot average centered on November, and it looks close to the average centered on August, 2007, which was 10.17. The moving average has not been above ten since then. The daily average for the month of December should be close to 15.7, the highest monthly average since March, 2008.

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