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Projects Galore

With all the rain causing massive flooding north of us and making life unbearable, I’ve been stuck indoors. I’ve used the time not only to work on new business, but to work on a number of projects I’ve meant to do for a while. One good thing is I’ve passed my standard and just waiting for confirmation of my call sign. While sitting around I fitted a LSB crystal to my Codan 8528, but once back together, found it would not work. I managed to track the problem to a pin out of place in those horrible connectors between boards. So once fixed, I tuned the LSB and all is fine now. I then started work on a TX interface for WSPR which I will talk about some more later. I then cleaned out the shack, started labeling cables and stuff so I know which coax is which antenna hihi, before starting on a few other projects. I picked up an old Super Bengal 27MHz CB some time ago, and it made a fair bit of smoke when I plugged it into 12V, and wouldn’t work at all on 240V. I put it aside for some time before having a go at it. I replace the zener during my last effort, but no go. I since found that zener dead, so I replaced it and had a bit more of a look around. I’ve struggled a bit with my eyesight which has diminished somewhat, when it comes to working on electronics. I bought a magnifier with built in light, and it made a huge difference. On looking at the PCB I found two oozing electrolytic capacitors in the DC supply circuit, and two dead caps in the AC supply circuit. I intend to replace them tomorrow, and with luck, I should have it going soon. I love the look of the old 1970’s style base stations, that is the only reason I am resurrecting it. I also spent a bit of time looking at a circuit for an ATU, and have obtained a few variable caps and an inductor for that project. While doing that, I came across a linear amplifier that is ideal for my little IC703 to bring me up to standard call and beyond. I am keen on QRP operations, but it will be handy to have the 100 W for some situations.Next is an LCD SWR Power Meter Meter kit to fit into the tuner.

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