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Ham Radio Diversity and First Received SSTV Images

Amateur radio is a hobby with many and varied areas of interest. As a foundation license holder, I’ve been interested in building antennas, and getting involved in HF DX, though sunspot cycle is not helpful for propagation of radio signals over long distance at present. I have a very large quad antenna that I am still to put up, and I hope it will really help with DX. I have always been interested in using the least power possible (QRP operation) to reach distance stations. I find CW to be the most effective way to do this, so I have been learning morse and trying to get my speed and accuracy up. I already have some good contacts including Russia and Estonia, using low power. Below are some QSL cards from these contacts.

I’ve also obtained a VHF 2 meter FM transceiver which is great for more local contacts, and it has been a blessing when my HF radio (Icom IC703) has been out of service due to problems with blown transistors.
I would really like to get a multi-mode VHF/UHF/HF radio so that I can delve into DX at UHF and VHF frequencies.

Once my new callsign is allocated for my standard call, I have some really new and interesting areas to explore. One is APRS (Automatic Position Reporting System)  also known as the Automatic Packet Reporting System since it uses technology known as packet radio– which is ideal for our Tag-Along Tours business in remote areas. Using this system and either VHF or HF radio, I can transmit at regular intervals, my location to “gates” that distribute that information to the internet so that people can track my position on the net. One problem, is that at present there is only one HF gate on a frequency that I can use as a standard call. All others are on 30m band which I cannot use. I can when in more populated areas use VHF gates on frequencies that I am allowed to access as a standard call. This is one area, I am really keen to explore as it will allow Justine to track my position frequently.

Here is a screen capture of what she may see (This was me tracking VK4ZZ-9).

Another area of interest apart from QRP, CW, VHF DX, and APRS is Slow Scan Television (SSTV) which is sending single TV images in colour over the radio. a bit like a colour fax image on TV. The images are viewed on a computer screen.

Here are some recently received images. Some came all the way from Russia so the quality suffers somewhat. Of course I can’t yet transmit via SSTV or via any other digital mode.

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