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On air again – 2 meter band only

My two usable HF radios are out of service, the other HF is a Codan 8528 which has no lower sideband (LSB) so I can’t use it on some bands. I did however finally get hold of a 2 meter rig. I would have liked to obtain an all mode 2 meter rig, but unfortunately my budget didn’t extend to that. I obtained a Kenwood TM-201A which is FM only.

I just have it hooked to a simple antenna at present, but get good access to VK4RAT. I am currently listening to the WIA news broadcast via the repeater on 146.700 MHz.

I have taken the opportunity during this time to work towards my standard call, and to do some antenna maintenance. My 160 meter loop came down again. The loop is held up by 60 lb fishing line, which breaks easily in windy weather. I am also not happy with the copper clad steel wire. Though this wire is recommended for antennas where greater strength is required, the issue of corrosion is one that must result in deteriorated performance. The wire corrodes quite noticeably. It is conceivable that during rainfall (low pH water) the copper would accelerate the corrosion of the steel via galvanic corrosion.

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