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30 Year Old Quad Reborn- Part 1

In 1979 a friend and I made a 4 element cubical quad for 11 meters. I did the design work and he did the fabrication of the spiders and boom using aluminium.

It was a pretty ambitious project for a couple of youngsters. We made the spider to carry two elements each and so they radiate out from a single hub, allowing the boom to be shorter. The advantage to me now is that as the elements get longer, they are spaced further apart. This makes it easier to make a multiband antenna. Unfortunately the spacing is not perfect at 15 meters, being just a little close, but it should still work quite effectively. As soon as I get a chance to model it in CocoaNEC, I will.

See photo below-

The quad was only ever going to be used on 11 meters (CB), we never envisaged using it on amateur radio even though at the time, I was preparing to study for my Novice. I recently asked my friend if he still had the quad, thinking it would have long ago gone to the tip. To my pleasant surprise it was stored in his shed, so I asked if I could obtain it with a view to resurrecting it. My plan was to make it a tri-bander for 15 meters, 10 meters, and in honour of it’s beginnings, 11 meters as well.

Today I started on the restoration. I put the old spreaders (dowels) and wire in storage and obtained new dowels. At more than 1 meter longer than the originals, this is going to be a big antenna. I fitted spreaders for the reflector and driven element. I then used copperweld (copper clad steel) wire to make the elements. So far I have done just the reflectors for 10/11/15 meters. Next I will start on the driven elements, then start on the second spider hub which will hold the directors.

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