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Willis Island DXpedition Contact 80 Meters SSB

I have been listening in to the Willis Island DXpedition for a while, and could not believe the amount of traffic generated. Those operators must be very skilled to handle such dog-piles. I had long entertained the idea of making contact, but couldn’t seem to understand what was going on. I could hear stations calling but could not hear VK9DWX on Willis Island.

After some looking on DX Clusters on my Mac Logger DX software I realised the ops were running split frequencies- one frequency for TX and a band of frequencies for RX- of course how stupid of me to not realise that was one excellent way to deal with the dog piles. Anyway this presented a dilema for me, as I had no idea how to set my radio up for split operations.

Out came the manual and after some head scratching and cursing, I figured it out. After all of that hard work, I wasn’t going to walk away without giving it a go, so I set up and was about to give a call when I realised they were operating above 3700kH. I had failed to realise that earlier. Damn! I was dissappointed that I can’t operate up there. I listened for a while longer when my luck changed. A VK2 Advanced op, advised VK9DWX that a few standard calls were on a lower frequency and keen to make contact. The very obliging operator said wait 5 minutes and I will retune.

Sure enough as good as his word, he came down and all the standard VK’s managed to work him. He then stayed for a while and called CQ to which I responded several times. My G5RV problems were still not entirely solved, but eventually I managed contact and got a 55 sig report. It was well worth all the effort.

So my advice to all you F calls is to give it a go.

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