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Modified G5RV Antenna to be resonant on modern bands

I first put up my My G5RV because my Bushcom T2FD at 8 meters was not too effective and I wanted a multiband antenna. Unfortunately the G5RV never really performed to expectations. I wanted one antenna to cover all bands so it was either a G5RV, a Skyloop or a fan dipole. I did lots of research into the G5RV and read many glowing reports of it’s effectiveness.

I had built the G5RV out of stainless balustrade wire and made a home made wide-spaced ladder line to feed it. The ladder line was terminated to coax with a simple PL205/PL259 combination (socket and plug).

Despite my efforts at getting it higher, my G5RV didn’t seem to match everyone else’s reports of low noise effective DX antenna, so I did more research and then I found this information in the link below-


I set about shortening the doublet and lengthening the ladder line which helped the VSWR but not the performance. I fitted an air wound choke balun on a PVC former (ugly balun) to help lower noise and eliminate coax radiation- all to no avail. I still had a noisy ineffective antenna despite lower VSWR on most bands. I experimented with improved earth, winding coax around ferite torroids, I checked the coax and the junction of feed ladder line and doublet but nothing reduced the noise, or improved TX performance.

Finally after some poor sig reports from nearby local stations on the Gnarly net on 80 meters, I decided to pull the antenna down and investigate further. I also planned to replace the ugly balun with a 1:1 current balun wound on a ferite torroid and housed in an aluminium case.

Now all I need is some spare time…more later.

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