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My New Icom IC703

Icom IC703 Pic

Waiting for me when I arrived home from Cape York was a shiny new Icom IC703. I had read reviews of this radio on the net, and when I saw one at NavCom I just had to have it. Thanks Barry. The rig is ideal for an F call and suits my future aspirations for portable operation well.


ype: Amateur HF/VHF transceiver
Frequency range: 10-160 m + WARC
RF Power output: 0.1-10 / 0.1-10 W in 5 steps
Sensitivity: SSB/CW/RTTY: 0.16 uV (10 dB S/N @ 1.8-30 MHz)
AM: 13 uV (10 dB S/N @ 0.5-1.8 MHz), 2 uV (10 dB S/N @ 1.8-30 MHz)
FM: 0.5 uV (12 dB SINAD @ 28-30 MHz)
Selectivity: N/A
Image rejection: Better than 70 dB
Voltage: 9-15.9 VDC
Current drain: RX: 250-450 mA
TX: Max 3 A
Impedance: 50 ohms, SO-239
Dimensions (W*H*D): 167*58*200 mm
Weight: 2 Kg
Manufactured: 2002-20xx
Other: Built-in memory keyer and auto-AT. DSP
105 memories.
New price 2008 in Sweden: 10500:- SEK
Related documents: User manual (8.1 MB)
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